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3D Gaming Boards

Wargame Shop is endeavoring to create new and exciting PDF boardgames that can be downloaded and played straight away or with a little bit of time and effort it can be turned into an amazing three dimensional gaming board.

For best results print the game board on to Avery A4 labels and adhere directly to picture framing card. This gives a long lasting durable solution, that will give you a game board that will last the test of time.
Optionally foam card can be used, purchased from any good art shop, the card is very easy to cut and trim. It gives more height to the game board but the counters can be a little harder to pick up from some parts of the gaming board. This construction does give a fantastic looking game board.

All the gaming boards are designed with 3D construction in mind. The different levels are coloured from lighter to darker to represent the rise in height across the original battlefield terrain.

2D and 3D Amazon Booklets of the rules now available.



Waterloo Game Board in 3D
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