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Middle Earth is a set of rules designed for imperial or metric download and capable of reproducing the realism and feel of the Lord of the Rings trilogy, battles and characters.

Capture this period by using your 25mm Lord of the Rings figures in a large scale battle. These rules are capable of reproducing battles with hundreds of figures on each side, but you still can have individual heroic characters dashing about the battlefield trying to save the day.

A small game will consist of about twenty figure on each side, but the game is truly scalable to what you can imagine.

Designed with the KISS method in mind, each figure has a fixed value of between 5 and 95 (rank and file figures 5 to 40). This is the combat and saving value of the figure, it is that simple.

Great for your children, they enjoy the game whilst you teach them simple arithmetic, because when you have two or more figures together in a combat you simply add their values together.

Then roll a percentile dice to see if you score a hit. The defender rolls his percentile dice to save against any inflicted hits. An unsaved scoring hit kills the figure and its removed.
War of the Rings is a PDF download that outlines all the major characters, special items and rules for this Lord of the Rings Trilogy.
Be Our Guest and Download the Middle Earth Rules for FREE with either metric or imperial measurements and why not accompany them with our FREE War of the Rings supplement.
Helms Deep
Helms Deep using MIST terrain
Rohan Cavalry Advance
Rohan march out to war
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