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Modular Insertable System Tile Terrain
Wargame Shop has designed a system of terrain tiles that can be used again and again for tabletop wargaming. They are easy to build and store, the concept is so simple.
All you require are standardised 450mm square boards of MDF which are 10mm deep. On to these you glue 25mm Marmox Multi Board cut to the same 450mm square profile. Your local building supplier will normally precision cut the materials for you.You then profile hills and other terrain features on to these boards. Use a suitable flexible filler to smooth edges and sculpt the multi-board for hills.
The trick is now to cut 150mm square inserts into the flat sections of these board. Place a 6mm deep MDF board at the desired spot and cut directly down around it. If you do this before you glue the multi-board to the MDF you can knock out the 150mm square. Trim 6mm of this with a saw and then reinsert it back into the board. The MDF tile should now fit into the depression that remains. Paint, varnish and flock the boards to a suitable colour scheme.
Locking Solution - Push LoX
To stop the 450mm square boards moving away from each other ask your local building supplier to biscuit cut the side of the boards and provide wooden biscuits to lock the boards. To make the boards universal cut the biscuit slots 100mm from each corner, 8 biscuit slots in all, 2 on each side. Insert and glue a biscuit into the right slot on all 4 sides of the board.
Insertable Tiles - Insert LoX
The 150mm insertable tiles can be furnished with buildings, trees, small hills or neven left blank. These can be different scales so the main boards can be used for different figure scales 25mm through to 6mm.
Steps Step By Step Instructions
The tiles that you now have are completely versatile in that they can be locked together in various ways and then inserts placed into the boards to form a multitude of options and scales for each board. Below is a Samurai game that we produced from 6 MIST Terrain boards with 8 Insertable Tiles.
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