Dark Age Kingdoms

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Dark Age Kingdoms is a time in Anglo-Saxon history when the kingdoms of Wessex, Northumbria, Mercia and East Anglia were at conflict with each other and the Vikings.

The Brittonic Pics, Celtic Romano Britons,

Welsh and Gaelic Irish bide their time

for expansion.

Anglo-Saxon Command

Fight the saga’s of the period using these skirmish action rules

Available in two editions,

The Warband Edition

The Noble Edition

Dark Age Kingdoms

Warband Edition

This is the paperback edition of the Dark Age Kingdoms rules, it contains 70 pages.


The rules allow you to create a small warband of 24 warriors, and attach a special character and a warband leader.  Some warriors may have tailored personalities and others may have faction special abilities or traits.  Warriors can be of a veteran, seasoned, blooded or tenderfoot class.  This allows full customisation for a warband, who can be selected for a specific encounter.


The rule system is founded on actions and reactions throughout the game, it allows each figure to undertake a single action each round and any number of reactions.  You have to be thoughtful about them, since you start each bound with a finite number of actions and each reaction reduces the available pool of actions.


Actions are simply divided in to three categories movement actions, missile actions and combat actions, these are then sub-divided in to three major types, command, special and normal.  There are also four minor actions, free, optional, compulsory and restrictive, these are allowed to shape the one major action that is executed.


To spice up the game each side may select up to six event cards from the one hundred provided, see free pdf downloads below.  If used, they can be replenished at the start of each bound.  These cards allow a one-off event that will have a minor effect on the battle or all have secondary combat modifiers that can be used instead when a warrior is fighting.


Gaming Time: 1 hour per 16 miniatures 

Dark Age Kingdoms Noble Book

Noble Edition

This is the hardback edition of the Dark Age Kingdoms rules, it contains 146 pages, twice the size of the paperback edition.


This book contains all the basic rules from the Warband Edition, but now the Nobles have been introduced, Coerl, Thegn, Kingsthegn, Ætheling and King.  This allows the size of the Warband to be limited only by its monetary value.

Select the highest ranking noble lord as the Warband leader, and all other lords will be subsidiary.  With the noble lords come their own personal noble actions, these are a one-off action that can distinguish the noble from other common warriors.

Introducing new legendary characters and their retainers, mercenary and a renown veteran class of warrior, also the number of personalises and special characters have been expanded.  The scale of encounters has been scaled from small through to Epic, and the Gaelic Irish faction has arrived.  All these additions further stylises your warband.

There are new actions, including unarmored combat actions, and special rules.  An improved morale solution and a mini-campaign option.  The event cards have been expanded with an additional 50 noble event cards, see free pdf downloads below.


Gaming Time: 1 hour per 16 miniatures

Free PDF Downloads

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The bottom selection are backs for cards if placed into plastic clear card holders.

100 Warband Event Cards

50 Noble Event Cards

10 Noble Ploy Cards

Action Card Pile Sheet





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