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Wargames or Wargaming is all about tabletop battles that use miniature figures or counters on a board game to represent historical or fictional military conflicts.


We Specialise in the Concept, Design, Creation and Publication

of Wargame Rules in a Booklet and PDF format in our on-line Wargames Store.

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Waterloo 1815 Book

Grand Empires Series

Napoleonic Board Gaming in a Book

5 Battle Books Available…

Dark Age Kingdoms

Anglo-Saxon Wargame Rules

2 Book Formats Available…

Free Middle Earth

Board Game and Wargame Rules

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Dark Age Kingdoms has had a new make-over. Revised with amendments from continuous play testing.  Still in paperback, but now extensively expanded in a hardback edition. 

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Leipzig 1813, The Battle Of The Nations has gone to print and is now available from Amazon Books. The fifth book in the Grand Empires Series and the largest battle to date.

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Pre design is underway for a NEW series of books on the American Cvil War, Sharpsburg will be the first published game, watch this space.

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