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Tsuwamono No Michi

The Shogun has lost his grip on power, now all the Daimyo fight for supremacy and want to take the title of Shogun.  It’s the Onin War, also known as Sengoku Jidai

“The Age of the Country at War”

Set prior to the mass introduction of gunpowder, in a time when the samurai warrior was the master of his own household, anwserable only to his liege lord, the Daimyo.

Create a household of family samurai warriors, gather your retainers the Ashigaru and Sohei warrior monks.  Ronin samurai also travel the lands looking for employment and the peasants could be a last resort.

Designed to be fast and fun, these rules allow for an element of the theatrical, so why not try jumping from roof to roof, it always makes for a memorable game.  But be careful, lurking in the shadows are the Shinobi, the Ninja warriors trained in the art of assassination and deception.  You will have to watch your back, for they can appear from nowhere and disappear just as quick.

Gaming Time: 1-2 hours