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Paean Rules

The Greek City State. Wars were fought between the large poleis of Greece, Athens, Sparta, Corinth and Thebes, other smaller city states were on the rise.  This classical period in greek history is set prior to the Peloponnesian Wars.


Designed for large scale hoplite warfare, you can us any scale of miniature, although the printed scale in the rules is 6mm, designed for the Baccus range of miniatures.


It’s a battle against the tight hoplite formations and the lighter more open formations of the ancillary units.  Protect your flanks or your formations will disintegrate.


Gaming Time: 2-4 hours

Phalanx Rules

In this ancient world of warfare, different nations were at war all across the European continent, some of these conflicts lasted for many years.  

The rules allow you to construct your army, unit by unit, detailing all their armour and equipment.  It’s what you see, is what you get, since there are no army lists or battle points system.

The pike phalanx is a feature of quite a few armies, so the rules are inclusive for their use.  Elephants, chariots and cavalry are also available for armies that use them.

Gaming Time: 2-3 hours