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This is a cinematic set of western gunfight rules that incorporates seven characters, from one of the seven frontier groups: Lawmen Posse, Outlaw Gang, Hired Guns, Gunfighter Band, Cowboy Ranch Family, United States Cavalry Squad, American Native War Parties.

Two players, who are the directors, cast their seven characters against each other in this classic shoot ‘em up… production.

Tailor your magnificent seven cast with proficiencies, abilities, traits and even give some of your crew personalities that are specific to their group or of a more generalised nature. Proficiencies add bonuses to skilled dice rolls like firing a revolver or rifle.  Abilities are learnt talents like aiming a rifle before firing, whilst Traits are naturally developed talents like being courageous or hardy.  Specific personalities could be a Texas Ranger, Safe Cracker or Gambler, whilst nonspecific personalities include a Doctor, Blacksmith or Civil War Veteran.

Characters will receive immediate in game advancements when they roll exceptionally good dice or mortally wound a foe, this gives them tombstone points and possibly an infamous notoriety. This allows characters to progress through the experience classes of Greenhorn, Competent, Practised, Expert to Renowned; they may even become a Legendary Character.  But, be careful, the townsfolk are on the lookout for wanted criminals.

Include Townsfolk and Local Law-Enforcement as extras in the production and you’re ready to play.


Characters have a finite number of action tokens to expend each game turn to move, fire or fight.  Opponents may react to specific actions, allowing them to have a shoot-out, dodge a bullet or even dive behind nearby cover. Directors can use their limited clapperboard tokens for a director’s cut, this allows characters to perform a one-off cinematic action or use a cinematography technique to enhance their activation.

Move around the set, ducking and diving behind cover.  Jump across buildings or gaps, climb obstacles and drop on unsuspecting rivals.  Shoot a foe and wound them, it may be a light, grievous, critical or mortal wound, it’s all dependent on your skill with a gun and a little bit of luck on the shooting dice.  Although, you might jam your gun or run out of ammunition just when you need it the most.

Brawl through the streets or a saloon, throwing punches, kicking, grappling.  Use props, break a chair over your opponent’s back, a bottle to the head or anything that comes to hand.  Throw your foe through a window or along a bar top, pistol whip them with your revolver or the butt of your rifle.

Combine all these actions and you’ve got that the greatest show-down on earth…